Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Oh Blogging.

So this is my first time doing such a thing. And I must admit, Im pretty damn excited!
Ive been a fan of a few blogs during the past few months, and honestly, even if no one reads this...there's something about it that's stress-relieving and quite beautiful. To be able to put down the thoughts you have accompanied by that which inspires you, motivates you, even that which haunts you...what a magnificent way to express it all.
 Of course my roommate just decided to point out that it is finals week, and I have tons of writing to do...and THIS is the time I choose to start a blog.
But that's how it always is right? You're going through hell and you find one thing to get you through it.

To my first writing post on Blogger.
I look forward to sharing. and that means a lot cuz im usually pretty greedy ;]



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