Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Beverly Center Day.

As a continuation of my amazing spring break, some window shopping just HAD to be done. So my friend Brey and I knew it was time to go to LA an take advantage of all the amazing stores in the area. With caramel lattes in hand, we started an adventure checking all the racks of clothes, admiring the walls of shoes, and loving the jewelry in every glass case. Safe to say being broke didnt help with the growing desire everytime we walked into a store..but we managed, and definitely got a surplus of ideas of what to spend our next round of paychecks in :]
While I cannot speak for Brey, these were my highlights of our visit to the oh-so-grand Beverly Center.

Let's start with SEE. How this store has been in Beverly Center for nine years and I hadnt noticed is beyond me! For those who are eyewear lovers (and pretty damn blind) like me, trust me when I say this store is absolute heaven. I had a hard time narrowing it down to one pair, since they had a million options. The small boutique has their own brand going and its an understatement to say I was impressed by it. The tortoishell pair I fell in love with was a good $289...not too shabby for some legit glasses! Too bad my birthday is in September. ha.
Next stop: ALDO. I absolutely adore most of the merchandise the shoe store is carrying. The chain has just put out their collaboration with Julian Louie, a must-see. The first pair is a lil preview of the tribal inspired collection featuring bold prints and a brilliant homage to the wedge. In the words of Rachel Zoe: I DIE ;]
The second pair is featuring one of the trends of last fashion week, the colorblock. The fact that Aldo has mixed wood in the design is a delightful bonus. And last, but not least...doesnt that last pair scream YSL trubute platform? Yet, actually does it successfully.

Ive never known much about Club Monaco, and now I deeply regret not being more informed a long time ago. While the store is still a lil pricy for my budget, they had several pieces which would be staples in my closet. I wish I could place the entire lookbook on here, but that might be quite troublesome. So let's stick with the piece that mad my heart soar as soon as I laid eyes upon it on the mannequin. The Anita skirt above proved to be unlike anything I've seen in a while... Hitting slightly above the knee, the a-line skirt is covered with strategically placed minute rhinestones with gold thread wrapped around forming a sun shape. Its light, sparkly, and flowy. Matched with a chambray shirt, tortoiseshell glasses from SEE, and a good pair of loafers= WIN.

Finished the night with some hookah and a very exciting Lakers game in good company. Yea....spring break is good to me <3 



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