Sunday, March 27, 2011

never thought I would make it to Warwick Avenue.

This post will be crossing significantly sentimental territory. For any readers, let me offer a heads up: this kind of entry will not occur often, but let me explain...In writing, everything feels slightly more official. And I feel like a new transition has started in my life, not just physically but emotionally as well....such changes should be documented. That being said, let me move on.

For more than a year, Ive devoted myself to one thing.
Forgetting everything else, or simply putting it aside.
Perhaps due to a strong sense of stubborness mixed with a large dose of hope.
Whatever it was, it led me to some of the the best memories I have had in my 20 years of life. And let me make it clear, I do not regret a single thing.

YET. There comes a time when a girl has to acknowledge when a limit has been reached and moving on is the only major thing left to accept. Contrary to my previous beliefs, this limit is not about giving up.....but instead about knowing when you have had enough. Perhaps it takes a regaining of the natural selfish nature we have within ourselves, to finally continue and let go of  one person. In this manner, new places will come up, new people will come in, and new memories will be made.

I made it to Warwick Avenue. I hope to not run away now.



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