Thursday, October 13, 2011


Evelyn Mchale, Robert Wiles, 1947

At first glance, the shot above is beautiful.

Yet, then the eye adjusts increasingly, letting details come alive and comprehended. What could have been mistaken for glimmers of a liquid metal material are finally seen in their true form; shattered glass on a dented car. Her pose is no pose at all, just what gravity decided to leave her body as once it was done with it. She holds tight to her pearls as a sign of everything she wanted, but didnt feel she rightly deserved. At 23, Evelyn McHale leapt off the Empire State Building to fall 1050 feet to the ground...and for what?  
Did it change her family? Was a valuable lesson learned?
Or was she to be a muse all along? The center of an art student's inspiration, a symbol of fragility at its best, or even a tribute to a death that achieved beauty beyond its average measure...

At first, the shot is beautiful. Yet, with a second take it becomes even more so.

Evelyn. I hope you found it.



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