Thursday, October 6, 2011

lift a rock and i am there. split a piece of wood and you will find me.

Perhaps he is within us. Or maybe we learn to find him within ourselves in times of true strength...we learn to adjust and deal with the obstacles that confront us because we finally believe we can. Our souls experience a "divine" power drive it through farther and farther away towards a side led by enlightenment.
At times Ive doubted whether ive ever felt true faith inhabit my heart; I know I have certainly envied those who have had their lives genuinely led by it. But then again, envy cannot go hand in hand with faith, perhaps that has been one of many mistakes. is that "perhaps" has more power than you believe you give it. It can take over and quite simply, just limit your abilities for the fear that embodies you is all that the world can see. Its all YOU can see..thus, its all He sees at the moment. Until you say "perhaps" no more..He wont see the potential. You wont see it.

I'd like to take hold of a star now. I'd like to let the fire burn the palm of my hand with its intensity, while being certain that there is no way I will ever release it.

Clams Casino is my new addiction. Perfect for writing, painting, walking, thinking, breathing...think u guys get my point. haha ;]



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