Monday, August 15, 2011

too much time has passed.

Turns out my writing time on Blogger was significantly cut down by the death of my previous laptop.

Regardless, ill have a chance to share new thoughts and observations of this adventurous summer which has been full of rewarding experiences. But, for now....ill just leave any readers with a lil obsession of mine.

For years, I have loved this song, but never quite came around to seaching for its title or artist...which seems slightly ridiculous for Thom Yorke's haunting voice would now be easily recognized. I first heard it in Baz Luhrman's Romeo and Juliet, where every beat of the song was accompanied by sweat, tears, and entrancing glances.

Talk Show Host by Radiohead. Listen to it.

You want me? Well fucking come and find me.
I'll be waiting with a gun and a pack of sandwiches.

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