Saturday, December 31, 2011


last night of the year.
seems like so much has happened, so many changes have occurred and somehow we're about to start the process all over again for a whole new year. \
curiously, i treat new year's eve like I should thanksgiving. my brain goes over the moments that changed the course of my lil life...and I cant help but stop and be thankful in celebrating another 12 months of absolute beautiful chaos.
I learned that my shopaholic tendencies can be controlled, starbucks withdrawals give me serious headaches, and that after all...iphones DO do it better.  :)

but on a more serious note. this year showed me that I have the strength to make amends with some, let go of others, and learn to adore a select few.

So this is to the ones I text everyday, the ones that will laugh hours on end with me while chilling with some hookah, the ones that love shopping as much as I do and even to the ones that dont...haha, to the one who comforted me when I was sick and trembling, to the one that calls to see if I want coffee everyday, to the lil ones who get me tired as hell but leave me with sore cheeks from smiling so much, to the ghosts who have returned, to the ones who put up with my love of crazy socks and alexander mcqueen, to the ones that have let me draw on them on a drunken night, and to the one who keeps me warm at night and holds my hand as we walk the street.

Thank you. You made this year beyond amazing.
Happy New Year.



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