Tuesday, April 5, 2011

como poder olvidarlas?

Today I paid a visit to the California Museum of Photography (CMP) in downtown Riverside, not too far away from campus. I was looking to take notes for my photography class assignment, yet I found much more in the main exhibit on the first floor.

The above are all photographs by Mexican artist Maya Goded, part of a larger project by the title of "Las Olvidadas"or The Forgotten. A theme exploring the invisibility of Mexican women in all areas of life; the kind of transparency that many experience in their homes and through the eyes of others. The exhibition is split in three categories: the women affected by the disappearences of the Juarez murders, the prostitues of Mexico City's La Merced, and those involved in the mystical healing powers that "witchcraft" has to offer.

Every face seemed to be haunted by a different ghost; every woman wanted to be taken by darkness in some way. There was so much pain in the exhibition as a whole; intense does not even begin to describe it. An immense sense of appreciation is gained by observing the suffering and harships these women have had to endure; all ages and sizes have had to go through some kind of emotional or physical beating. For such an aching to be caught on film was unbelievable....my prayers go to every one of those women.
Goded: though I am sure your intent was not to receive praise, I applaud you.



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